With our extensive experience, capabilities and comprehensive portfolio of services, we offer reliable supply chain services based on needs and trust. Our teams of industry specialists that are highly skilled and experienced work closely with customers to develop both just-in-time and scalable solutions, offering services that can support current and future needs.

Our organization understands the fast-paced challenges, accompanied by the complex nature of your distribution channels your industry faces. To turn these challenges in opportunities, we apply our best practices and management skills to improve your business processes – enabling you to use the supply chain to gain a genuine competitive edge in the marketplace

End-2-End Logistics

Multi-modal transport, warehousing, Customs and  VAT solutions ‘under one roof’
Global control tower approach to your flow management
Supportinggrowth and changing needs through flexibility
Scalability of your customized solution setup

Industry Know-How

Spare Parts Distribution & Production logistics Expert
Handling of any part size,from pick-by-weight up to 25 tons heavy-good
24/7 and 365/year emergency order service
Asset control, quality checks, repair services and recycling services

Compliant Set-Up   

Experienced implementation team
SQAS certified KN Warehouse
Bonded and Non-Bonded Storage
Facility Access Management System (FAMS), TAPA-C compliant , Access control System

Value Added Services

Pre-packaging design + activities, product customizing, quality checks, kitting – to-order and/or stock
Shared Article Master Data Management,including Cubic scanning and picture tool
Customized extension ofscope and services