Rotra is your reliable logistic service provider, always at your service everywhere. All our drivers are qualified to transport ADR-classified goods (hazardous goods). And all our trucks are fully equipped to carry hazardous goods. What is more, thanks also to our close-meshed professional network of logistic partners, Rotra is always available in your immediate area. So it’s not surprising that many national and international shippers of hazardous substances have been working with Rotra for many years.

Our involvement goes further at Rotra. Rotra has a Chemical Desk, and customers making regular use of our services have a regular contact at our Chemical Desk. Do you want to give notice of a consignment? Do you have a particular transport question or problem, or do you need additional compulsory documentation? Your regular contact at Rotra will do all it takes to answer your questions to the last detail, to avoid and/or resolve logistic problems, and of course to schedule your consignment optimally.


In order to guarantee the safe and correct transport of chemical goods, Rotra is a member of Cefic (European Chemical Industry Counsil). Cefic has developed the quality standard SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability). SQAS is an evaluation system to check whether the service provider meets the organisational, quality, safety and environmental requirements. Rotra complies with the very strict SQAS standard and is therefore the ideal partner for transporting your ADR goods.

Performance reporting

The Customer Service department is responsible for the reporting of the most important “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs). Daily, weekly and monthly amongst others the delivery reliability (both internal and external), the picking performance, the storage performance and the storage rate are reported. You can also find volume data and costs in these reports. Obviously, also client specific parameters can be included in this reporting.

Transport emergency cards

When a vehicle is loaded with dangerous substances, it can be vital to have clear instructions in writing at hand in its cabin, in case the vehicle is involved in an incident. Rotra has these instructions in writing aboard vehicles that carry dangerous substances. Our drivers read these instructions prior to departure, so they are aware of the measurements that have to be taken in case of an emergency. All these actions are implemented in order to guarantee safety.