Rotra ensures fast deliveries for your transport Belgium thanks to daily departures. We also have our own facilities in Belgium. Groupage has a transport duration of 1 day. Part loads and full loads have a delivery time of 1 day.

As a transporter to and from Belgium, we are always able to find a suitable solution for your cargo:

  • Urgent transport
  • ADR transport
  • Day transports
  • Special, oversized goods
  • Distribution

Transit Times



Climate-neutral logistics to and from Belgium

As a logistics service provider, together with you we can make an important difference. Not only in the interest of society, but also for a better environment. With the Rotra Green Footprint service we are able to neutralize the remaining emissions. We do this by working with the Climate Neutral Group to offset CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.

Your groupage transport guaranteed on time

Our accurate network ensures reliable delivery of your groupage transport, part and full loads. We cannot completely rule out an occasional deviation from our transit times. With Rotra Leadtime Guaranteed we guarantee that your client receives your shipment on the specified day; no cure, no pay!

Insure your transport Belgium

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport.

Register your shipments simple and fast

When using the special order entry form Rotra offers you the opportunity to directly register all of your shipments to and from Belgium.

Exceptional cargo Belgium?

Rotra's Special Services department can provide you with a suitable solution. If you let Rotra handle all your exceptional shipments, you will be guaranteed fast delivery times. In addition, we also have clear and short lines of communication.