Do you require fast transportation to or from Croatia? Look no further and take advantage of the elaborate expertise and knowledge of Rotra. The family business, over a century old, is a very experienced player in the Eastern European markets and has its own special department to assist you: Rotra Eastern Europe. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly and reliably transport your shipments to and from Croatia. Furthermore, our services are competitively priced. 

As a transporter, Rotra guarantees a successful dispatch of your shipment. We take care of any type of shipment, from separate packages to groupage transport:

  • Packages
  • Pallets
  • Full loads
  • ADR shipments
  • Special transport
  • Groupage transport

Register your shipment directly using our online order entry form. Request a quotation or first contact one of our Rotra Eastern Europe experts.

Transit Times


  • Lead times: On request
  • Scheduled departures: On request


Contribute to a cleaner environment

By transporting your shipment using the Rotra Green Footprint service, the CO2 emissions are 100% compensated with investments in renewable energy products. Rotra does this in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group. We are also highly involved in the development of vehicles that meet the most stringent environmental standards. Collaborate with us to offset the remaining emissions!



Register your shipment online

With Rotra E-booking you can greatly simplify the registration of your transport Croatia. The use of your personal address book in this shipment management system guarantees optimal efficiency and a seamless registration of all your shipments. After a few clicks, your transport will be securely registered with one of the experts at Rotra. Completely free of charge, of course. Organizing your transport has never been easier!



Register your shipments directly

With the special order entry form you can directly register any type of cargo.


Insure your transport Croatia

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport.


Does your transport Croatia have special needs?

The Rotra Special Services team is ready to assist you 24/7 to organize any type of transport to the last details. The full coordination of the logistics process remains in-house. Take advantage of our special service when your shipment is not eligible for our standard service!