Quick and reliable transport of your shipment to and from Scotland with Rotra as your transporter. Rotra's frequent scheduled services ensure efficient transport, enabling us to live up to our promise.

Quick transit times are not only guaranteed for transport to and from Scotland: all other countries in the United Kingdom enjoy this benefit. Interested in the transit times for each individual country? Please visit the following links:

  • Transport England
  • Transport Wales
  • Transport Northern Ireland

Pallets, (small) packages, part loads; Rotra is specialized in bringing together small units and form one large unit, also known as groupage transport. We can therefore offer competitive rates for transport to and from Scotland. We transport the following:

  • Packages
  • Part loads
  • Full loads
  • Pallets
  • Dangerous goods
  • Special transport

Are you interested in what Rotra can do for your logistical challenges? Please feel free to contact one of our forwarders or request a fitting quotation online.

Transit Times

100% climate neutral transport to Scotland

Because Rotra is highly committed to providing a sustainable service, we offer you the option to transport your shipment 100% climate neutral using our Rotra Green Footprint service. Will you join us in contributing to a better environment?

Rotra E-booking: secure online registration

Easily register your shipments using Rotra E-booking. Completely free of charge! This useful shipment management system uses a secure Internet connection and is well-known for its ease of use. Furthermore, you can also register your shipment and client data and, if desired, update it.

Directly register your shipment Scotland

Register your shipment using this link.

Insure your transport Scotland

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport.

Do you have an urgent transport Scotland?

The specialists at Rotra Special Services translate your needs and wishes into tailor made operational instructions for your special transport. The full coordination of the logistics process remains in-house. The Rotra Special Services team can assist you 24/7.