Rotra Green Footprint

However, as it is impossible to reduce the CO₂ emission to zero and our ambition is 100% climate neutral transport, we would like to tackle the residual emission with you. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to transport your products in a climate neutral way with Rotra.

  • With the Rotra Green Footprint we can collect your shipments worldwide 100% CO₂ neutral and deliver them at their destination.
  • We can do this by compensating the CO₂ emission, in cooperation with the Climate Neutral Group with investments in sustainable energy projects.
  • For this, you are charged 0,8% (including administration fee) over the original freight rate for all transportation by road within the Netherlands
  • and for all your international shipments.
  • Per individual client, the amount of CO₂ is related to the shipped volume.

Would you like more information, or are you curious about the possibilities?
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Rotra Leadtime Guaranteed

Would you like a guaranteed transit time for your groupage shipment? With Rotra Lead Time Guaranteed you are assured of our transit time in several European countries. No cure no pay! Rotra provides daily scheduled shipments to and from all European countries. Our accurate network ensures reliable delivery of your groupage shipment, part and full load. We cannot exclude an occasional deviation from our transit time.

With Rotra Leadtime Guaranteed we guarantee that your client can rely on that your shipment will be delivered on the desired day for a fee of € 69,-. There will be no transportation costs charged if we not realize our transit time.

  • A reliable service with guaranteed transit time for various destinations within Europe
  • No cure no pay!
  • You have to register your shipment before 14.00 (one day in advance)
  • Rotra Leadtime Guaranteed is not applicable to ADR shipments
  • Holidays are excluded
  • In circumstances beyond our control the 'no cure, no pay’ guarantee will not be honored
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Transport Insurance

Reduce your financial risk in case of unexpected loss or damage to your goods with a transport insurance. Rotra works with strict procedures and guidelines in order to minimize the risk of damage or loss of your goods during transport. However, unforeseen circumstances can never be ruled out completely.

Do you know that a shipping agent / carrier is liable limited? Without an additional transport insurance the value of the goods remains out of consideration. With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transport and you minimize your financial risk during transport.

  • 1.75 per mil (0.175%) * For all shipments within the EU with a minimum of € 40, -
  • 3.75 per mil (0.375%) * for all shipments outside the EU with a minimum of € 75, -

* These permillages are calculated on the goods value.