With KN FreightNet, you can save valuable time and instantly get quotations for ad hoc LCL shipments.

Simply enter your shipment request - even for door-to-door shipments - and you will get an instant quote including all applicable surcharges with transit-times for the entire, requested move.

Get a quote today - and start enjoying the benefits.

Door-to-door LCL quotes within seconds 

KN FreightNet for LCL: door-to-door LCL quotes within seconds

Simply click on ‘Get a quote’ and after entering basic transport details as start location, end location and package or shipments details, you will get a binding LCL quote.

This enables you to calculate your final product price including transport within seconds in order to serve your final customer with the best-in class service they deserve.

tKN FreightNet for LCL: get the expected transit times for the entire route

Transit times for the entire route

Get the expected transit time for the requested shipment. KN FreightNet will calculate the time required to deliver your LCL shipments and thus enables you to improve the flow of your supply chain.

Simply tell KN FreightNet during the quote process the estimated pick-up / handover dates – this allows you to obtain the most suitable shipping schedule for your LCL consignment.

Overview of all saved quotes

Once you are registered, you will be able to view a list of all saved quotes including price and remaining period of validity helping you to easily book your LCL shipment directly within the system.

WIth KN FreigthNet for LCL, get an overview of all saved quotes and book your LCL shipment directly

KN FreightNet – The clever solution for instant quotations

  • Binding spot quotes provided in seconds
  • Door-to-door pricing includes all applicable charges
  • Estimated transit times for the entire move
  • Easy to use – no pre-registration necessary