At Kuehne + Nagel we take development of our workforce serious. With our new internal learning platform, employees have the opportunity to enroll in different trainings (class room seminar, webinar, online training etc.).

Patricia Vennens, Retail Business Development Manager, was nominated by her manager to follow a Leadership I training. "A very enriching experience", it sounds.

"I mainly expected the training to help me improve interpersonal contacts and especially how to better deal with people with whom there is no real "match". What I took from the training, however, was much more than what I expected.

The training really held up a mirror, which confronted me of my own behaviour. I, for instance, learnt that I tended to make my own story or assumptions, before seeing the entire picture - something I am still working on to stop doing.

Summarized, I have learned a lot on how to open up in interaction with others, how to communicate better and be more positive in life by focusing in things I can change / improve. A great experience that I would recommend to everyone and for which I am very grateful."

Lena Johannsen, Supervisor Operations within the Integrated Logistics department, followed the Leadership I training as part of her succession plan.

"As I was still pretty new in a management role, I got the opportunity to enroll in the training. I learned how to communicate in an effective way in order to get the correct message out as well as how to manage my day joggling between operations and management. But most important: I learned how to handle difficult situations or conflicts with my team members.

Looking back at it, the training was a great help for me and I am very thankful that I was able to follow it. I would recommend to everyone who is new in a management role to enroll as it really hands you practical tools and tips in how to manage a team."