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Back Road Logistics – driving your success with our road transportation services.

Fulfil your customers’ expectations by delivering their freight across Europe – reliably and on time.

Europe is a diverse continent – made up of varied cultures, local laws and practices. Moving shipments across the European landscape can have its own unforeseen challenges. From regulations that change from country to country, to peak seasons that might cause capacity shortages – there are a lot of things you have to consider as your cargo makes the journey to reach your customers.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we are committed to developing services that help your business grow. With over 8,000 road transport specialists in more than 180 locations across the continent, we deliver your cargo door-to-door across Europe. Supported by a Kuehne+Nagel managed and controlled road network, our experienced local teams provide flexible solutions for challenges you might face.

You won’t be affected by unpredictable market disruptions, as the fleet (owned by both Kuehne+Nagel and audited long-term subcontractors) guarantee a consistent service quality, along with capacities even in tight market situations. You’ll also have control over your shipment by receiving a proof of delivery (POD) and having access to myKN – which provides full visibility of your transport. Our experts intervene proactively on site if irregularities arise, giving you further peace of mind.

Enjoy the confidence and security you need in a transport partner, and connect your business to our European network, delivering your freight with local know-how.

Road services

Specialized Solutions

  • KN PharmaChain – Customizable storage and transportation solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
  • Expo & Events Logistics – Individual, worldwide transport planning and coordination from trade fairs to sporting events.

We feel responsible for fulfilling your promises to your customers and business partners across Europe. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.

Booking and tracking your road freight shipment

  • Access myKN to track your shipment – you can access myKN via your desktop or via the Kuehne+Nagel app (available to download on App Store or Android marketplace).

  • Former Rotra Fowarding NV customers might still be using the 'Active Logistics' services. Please use the customary links for E-booking (Weborder) as well as Track & Trace untill further notice from your account manager.

Frequently asked questions

List of prohibited classes and UN numbers - ADR goods
  • Class 1: All subclasses
  • Class 2 : Toxic gasses (containing classification codes T, TF, TC, TO, TFC, TOC); UN 2455
  • Class 3 : Liquid explosives in non-explosive condition; UN 2059
  • Class 4.2.: UN 3255, UN 3127
  • Class 4.3.: UN 3133
  • Class 5.1: UN 3100, UN 3137 and UN 3121
  • Class 5.2.: P2 Organic Peroxides with Temperature Control: UN 3111, UN 3112, UN 3113, UN 3114, UN 3115, UN 3116, UN 3117, UN 3118, UN 3119, UN 3120.
  • Class 6.1.: Toxic substances of packaging group I; UN 2249, UN 3507
  • Class 6.1.: Toxic substances of packaging group I; UN 2249, UN 3507
  • Class 7: Radioactive materials
  • Class 8: UN 1798
  • Class 9: UN 2071, UN 3268, UN 2990, UN 3480 and UN 3090 (with exception of SP 188).