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Terug Sea Freight Secured Energy Plan – Long-term, stable fuel prices

Find out how your business can overcome the challenges of unstable energy markets and regulatory uncertainty.

Are you worried about volatility in the oil market? Would accurate calculations of future fuel expenses help your financial planning?

Fuel is the main cost of container shipping. Since the 1st of January 2020, the use of higher quality and more expensive fuel is mandatory due to regulations from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regarding sulphur dioxide emissions. The resulting higher costs and price fluctuations in the global oil market have a more severe effect on ocean cargo. How can you protect your business against the unforeseeable risks of increasing prices? You are in the right place to find the best advice for your company. 

Kuehne+Nagel has created the Secured Energy Plan so that your business can hedge against fuel price fluctuations that affect your transport costs. The Secured Energy Plan is a transparent, easily accessible financial risk management tool that can help your business navigate the new IMO 2020 regulations.

Enjoy these benefits: 

  • Budget better by locking in today’s energy costs for full container shipments (FCL) up to three years in advance
  • Receive fixed bunker costs per twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU), reflecting calculated consumption figures
  • Plan intelligently by mitigating volatility

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